Simpson: American Crime Story's Craziest Quotes, 1. PHOTOS: The People v. O.J. But you know what they all say – less is more. The home pictured is not the famous house, as the original home was demolished in 1998. Even most of the $2.6 million went to pay O.J. (Images: Associated Press) When Homicide Detectives arrived at the scene and began their investigation, a dark cloud of suspicion hung over OJ Simpson; a famous actor, former NFL football star, and Nicole’s estranged husband. the blood inside and outside Simpson's Bronco (matched Simpson and both victims) the glove found at Simpson's residence at Rockingham (match Simpson and both victims) the blood inside and outside of his home on Rockingham (match Simpson) the blood on the socks in his bedroom (match Simpson and Nicole Brown). After he retired from playing Simpson was accused of fatally attacking his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman outside her home in Brentwood, California. O.J.’s Brentwood home, for instance, was razed in 1998, so the location manager found a similar-looking Tudor in Beverly Hills and production designers recreated key touches of Simpson’s estate, including the life-size Simpson statue in the yard.” … Eugene Gologursky/WireImage for Niche Media, LLC, found buried on what used to be Simpson's property. Simpson helps load 5 bags into limo; Kaelin helps load bags. Simpson is able to practice his putting technique for when he steps onto the golf course for real. 4. Simpson murder trial. Simpson Knife Story You Don't Know About. We can practically see everything here, and although not much of it is distinctive, there is an vibe and tone that reflects on the intense events that took place here. Although the walls are mainly bare, they are jazzed up by the occasional piece of furniture or artwork. If he does feel like venturing out of his house, he can enjoy time splashing about in the swimming pool. You can tell in this picture how at peace he feels – or at the very least, how much he wants to put everything behind him. (The now-retired cop in question told TMZ he informed the LAPD of the knife's existence when he first got it and they told him the case was closed. Entertainment Television, LLC A Division of NBCUniversal. OJ Simpson’s home at Rockingham If these sightings were Simpson, it meant he had to shower or clean the blood off his hands and body, dispose of any towels or tissues he used, clean the basin or shower, stem the putative deep cut on his finger, dispose of the murder weapon, his shoes and the bloody clothes, none of which were ever found, and dress and compose himself in five minutes or less. PHOTOS: 11 Mind-Blowing Facts About the O.J. With a house as famous as Rockingham, the insider said, mementos from the original house could have easily been sold off for a hefty price. 1,353 games have been played since the 2017 Finals, and we’re down to ... Sports Retriever is the leading destination for human interest and opinion sports stories. You'll see the crime scene, Rockingham, the infamous Mezzaluna restaurant, and much more. Keep exploring with the Roadtrippers mobile apps. Many people play golf to relax, and Simpson doesn’t even have to get in a car to enjoy some time on the course. This location was once home to OJ Simpson. O.J. Simpson Murders - Site of O.J. The supermarket magnate was the close friend and business partner of financier Kenneth Abdalla, who bought the Brentwood property for close to $4 million in 1997 and had the 6,000-square-foot house razed the following year in order to build a new house on the spot. Before the demolition, in the back of the main house there were traces near the guest quarters—where Kato Kaelin once lived—where you could see that "police had dug up the ground" looking for the murder weapon and other evidence, the source said. Again, the living quarters may be small, but the square foot area for OJ’s former Kendall home was quite large. This is the living room of Simpson’s house at the time he was on trial. OJ Simpson had stated that he’d previously cut his finger attempting to find a cell phone in his vehicle so those 8 blood drops could have come from that incident found just inside the gate. This is the Ashton gate. If the person getting dressed in this room began to feel a chill they could turn on the fire and warm up the entire room. Five Minutes in Rockingham House* (What Simpson did from entry at 10:55 to exit at about 11:00.) “It’s not my house and I could care less,” he told the Associated Press in a telephone interview. OJ Simpson moved into this property in 2017 but seems to keep the blinds closed to stop people having a look inside his home. When you first walk up to a house, you’re not necessarily taking everything in at once. As you can see, OJ has allowed himself to enjoy the perks of having a golf course in his backyard to the fullest, working on his putt game with heavy concentration. 2 votes. Anything you plan or save automagically syncs with the apps, ready for you to hit the road! He used that money to buy himself a beautiful home in Brentwood, Los Angeles. Here’s another awesome angle of OJ’s former house in Kendall, this time with a view not only of the pool, but of the house, and a good chunk of the lawn as well. While he lives with gates protecting him, he let his guard down for the fall event. Instead, the owner declared it all "unusable. The football star might not have been making the money pro footballers make nowadays, but his salary still afforded him this secluded mansion. Having a golf course like that certainly helps. This location was once home to OJ Simpson. It also looks equally impressive in that it has a gate. The property was subject to a brutal double homicide, and the aftermath that followed soon transformed it into a gruesome landmark. Perhaps the art was small to make sure that people took the time to stop, focus, and think about it as they entered the Simpson home. However, the inside of the house … Indeed, it wouldn’t be a proper introspection of his former Los Angeles home if we didn’t catch it from a bird’s eye view. Following his release from prison in 2017, Simpson found himself in an impressive Las Vegas Mansion. But this picture displays fervently how the house appears when you first walk up the driveway. 3. OJ Simpson's Brentwood Home Site. It Ain't the Astrodome* (Detailed, illustrated timeline of the deduced murder process.) O.J. (Here are selected photos on this topic, but full relevance is not guaranteed.) But 22 years ago, he was living in his mansion on Rockingham when his ex-wife and her friend were murdered 2 miles away, on Bundy Drive. Simpson can remain active, and if his golf game is getting him down, he can always head to the tennis court and give that a try instead. About two miles eastward of Boyle, near the southeastern shore of Lough-Key, is Rockingham House, the superb residence of Lord Viscount Lorton. Simpson was a natural competitor, so it makes sense that there was a games room to give him the opportunity to compete against his friends. He is probably the only member of his new community who is a former football star who became a criminal before trying to turn their lives around. Illustration by Lindsay Scheinberg. ), A source who has seen the knife in question told E! The former football star seemed to have landed on his feet, following his parole nine years into a 33-year sentence. The home was bought for $4 million and quickly demolished by the new owners to remove the bad memories associated with the property. Another picture of the old Brentwood house, and if you needed any more proof about the crazy history that exists here, this should do it for you. 's home was actually demolished after it was purchased in 1998. The new owner also got a new address to stop tourists from stopping by. You can see where the driveway leads up to the double garage, and then the house. 11:15 pm. We’re now going return to the Brentwood house once more, because there are some precious pictures of that fateful house that we still haven’t shown you. O.J. The hallway leaves the house open, meaning that those living here could stay in contact without shutting themselves off from each other. I thought it was odd. There was room for at least two cars in the garage, plus plenty more space for a fleet of vehicles on the drive. One Man, One Trip* (Stride analysis of man in Bruno Magli shoes.) The family room continues the theme of openness around the house. (See Figure27 [1FLR_03.JPG].) Simpson's Rockingham Mansion. Reporters spent a lot of time staked out by this gate waiting for O.J. The pool is just magnificent, and that palm tree makes it look even more beautiful. Simpson comes out of his house. "It's part of my past," Simpson said in a telephone interview from a rented home a few miles away. When the Jacksonville Jaguars announced that the starting quarterback’s job would be up for grabs ... Well, here we go again. 1 of 5. The defense claimed that one drop of blood on the back gate at … While it wasn’t impossible to jump the barrier, it was at least a deterrent. Like his home in Brentwood, Simpson was living behind protective gates, and he could be sure to keep out any unwanted visitors. Have a story you think we should cover? Send us a message and let us know. Apparently Nicole’s two beautiful children were asleep inside the house when she was murdered. (The onetime football great is currently serving a nine-to-33-year prison sentence in Nevada for armed robbery and other offenses for his involvement in a heist to retrieve memorabilia he claimed belonged to him. This is because his gate was bombarded with staunch supporters of the former NFL star – and it’s clear that they believe that he was innocent the whole time. O.J. Simpson was one of the most recognizable people in the country and with that fame came plenty of money. To add an extra layer of realness, the tour is conducted in an actual 1994 Ford Bronco, identical to the one used on the night of the murders. It’s meant to keep criminals and possible burglars away, something that many people hope to do. He had retired from playing so he wasn’t going to take his friends out in the yard and play full contact football. Whether you remember watching the slow-mo Bronco chase and the subsequent criminal trial on TV two decades ago or have been watching the saga re-unfold now on American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Although the architectural drawings, and the prosecution exhibit based on them, give no hint, the aerial photographs show that there were several trees on the inside of the Rockingham wall between the Bronco's parking position and the streetlight at Ashford. "[Burkle] wanted to take the first pass at the house," a source tells us. They even stopped long enough to take selfies with the former superstar, while others managed to get him to sign a football. A bank bought the house at auction for $2.6 million in July 1997, five months after a jury awarded the Goldman and Brown families a $33.5 million wrongful death judgment against Simpson—the majority of which they've never seen. The structure is definitely inviting for guests, and many parties were probably had. Based on this picture, it seems as if this house isn’t as big as some of the others he’s had over the years, including his current home. He was ordered to pay $33.5 million to the Goldman and Brown families in a civil court case which pretty much bankrupted him. No bells and whistles, just a simple beautiful house. Simpson has found a community that is perfect for him, and still allows him to have his freedom without the glare of the media following him. Photo of OJ Simpson's Brentwood Home Site. This room is styled very much like you might find a Hollywood actress’ dressing room, with lights illuminating a mirror. Rockingham House was a large, Classical mansion, remarkable for its dome front and renowned for its fine interior. And even though the property was razed in 1998, 360 N. Rockingham Avenue is still making news. Simpson’s home appeared to be pretty much like many other homes in America, cozy and a nice place to live. The pool table would allow Simpson to still have the thrill of competition but played at a more laid-back pace. Remove Ads. His entire home was a scene of investigation, and he was forced to stay away during the police investigation. Simpson, who was not present, professed to be unmoved. Simpson doesn’t say no to all visitors though, and he was spotted enjoying Halloween with some trick or treat loving children. We love this picture of the house because it’s as simple as can be. The gates are necessary to prevent people coming to his house and trying to do any harm to him, perhaps trying to seek revenge for a crime they believe he did.